Wizard 101 Secret Shop

So I was wondering around within Wizard 101 and seem to have come across a secret shop! It is pretty simple to find so I will kind of give you a step by step guide of how to find it.

First you need to go to Krockotopia and make your way to their shipping area or district. This can be found close to the Oasis. When you get here, you then need to go to the very end of the shopping district and go behind the buildings here. If you are in the right place then there should be a beetle. Near this beetle there should be 2 light posts and a teleporter there.

When all of the lights are lit up, teleport to the top of the building. You will find a lizard there. Make sure to talk to him and you will learn new spells that allow you to take life from minions within Wizard 101. If you go inside from here, there is another lizard there. He can sell you rare pets. Buy them if you want otherwise now head to the Krockoshpinx and there is yet another lizard in which you can buy a hell hound from!

Pretty awesome huh?! This secret shop lets you get rare items that almost no one else has!