All Smiths in Wizard City Walkthrough Guide

Are you playing Wizard 101 and are looking for all of the Smiths within Wizard City?! Well I have found them all and the step by step guide below will help you find them too!

First, you need to go to Unicorn Way. Go to the Hedge Maze ( not in it) and look on the left side of the entrance. The Unicorn Smith should be right there!

Second, for the Smith within Triton Avenue you need to go past the bridge that goes past the Kraken battle arena . Just left of the T section on this path you will find the second Smith.

Third, you need to go to the Bazaar within Wizard City. There should be an old lady near the entrance. Look to the opposite side of where she is standing between a building and a rock and you should see another Smith standing there.

Last, you need to go to Ravenwood. Go right where the Death School was. Nest go to the right side of the Myth School. Look next to the park bench and the last Smith should be there!

These are all of the Smiths for non members. Of course there are more smiths for the membership players but I have not done that yet!