Skull Riders Mini Game Cheats

So everyone knows about the Skull Riders mini game right?! Well its a mini game inside Wizard 101 that you can earn points and gold in. The game is really fun and you basically battle against evil enemies that drop skulls when you kill them. Well there is a little helpful hint or cheat for you that will get you mad points! Follow the step by step guide below to find out how to do it.

Step 1: Start the Skull Rider mini game.

Step 2: Kill all the enemies within the mini game but do not collect the skulls they drop.

Step 3: After awhile the enemies you killed will reappear but they will be flying. Kill them as well but still do not collect the skulls!


Step 4: Do this over and over again and you will rack up an insane amount of points!

I hope this helps you and gets you amazing scores for the Skull Riders mini game.