Wizard 101 Secrets – 2016

All over Wizard 101 there are hidden secrets and things that no one knows about! There are secret doors and even hidden ways to become invisible and get mana and free items. This page will tell you all about the secrets of Wizard 101 and show you how to find them or do them. Some of the cheats we supply are step by step guides and some are simply little hints. Check them out and leave some feedback as to if it helped you out.


Secret Hidden Furniture Guide – Find all the hidden furniture and items you want here!

Secret Shop – So I found a secret shop where you can get some pretty awesome and rare items!

Wizard City Smiths – Find all of the non member wizard city smiths with this quick step by step guide!

Skull Riders Mini game – Check out these hints and secret cheats for the all so popular Skull Rider mini game!


Where To Find A Secret Cave – So this is really simple and easy but just go behind the huge waterfall within Wizard 101 and there should be a hidden door there!


Secret Of How To Walk Through Walls – Bare with me here, there are quite a few things you need to do. First, while at Firecat Alley, open up your friends list and talk to Shellus Gruffheart. After talking with her, quickly teleport to one of your friends and trade something with him. After doing this, go to Triton Ave and kill 20 ghost like figures. If you did it right you should here a weird sound and you will be able to walk right through walls! Cool secret huh!?