Ninja Lore Game Card Pack

The Ninja Lore Game Card Pack is now available on Wizard 101 and it features brand new spells for everyone to use! This game pack is the first one that actually allows for you to gain new spells. Why has this not been available before!? This pack also allows players to the chance to get a new dragon pet, new powerful swords and weapons and even new wizardry robes.

Back to the spells that players can gain though! There are 3 of them and they are pretty awesome if I must say so myself. They are all reward spells. This means that they do not cost your Wizard any training points. This simply means that they are spells just like the ones that you have learned from your trainer. Even if you sell your spells for Training Points, these spells will stay with you! Is that not amazing?!

All three of these spells obey the rules of pips and powerpips. For instance, if you are a Balance Wizard andĀ receiveĀ a Myth Spell, then your pips or powerpips will be used accordingly and appropriately and so on and so forth! So what are these spells called!? Well here you go. They are called the Ninja Pig Spell, the Samoorai Spell and the Goat Monk Spell. They sound interesting don;t they!? So what are you waiting for?! Go get these spells and start using them against your Wizard 101 opponents today!

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