Make All Mounts Permanent Cheat

So here is a neat little cheat of how to make any Wizard 101 mounts that you have purchased permanent! Yes, even your 1 or 7 day mounts can be turned into mounts that you can use forever. It is actually pretty simple.

First off, just make sure that you have enough gold to buy whatever mount you want regardless of if it is a 1 day or 7 day mount. Now here is the kicker. if you bought a 1 day mount, open your character selection screen and right click on your computer’s clock (yes, the one on your desktop). Now just adjust the time or date ahead by two days.

If you selected a 7 day mount then do this exact same thing except role your clock ahead 9 days. Now from your character selection screen, click on the character you were using when you choose your mount and click on “begin playing”. When you check your mounts¬†expiration¬†within your inventory, it should now read all o’s meaning you have it permenatly! And if you are worried about the clock on your computer you can change it back when your 2 or 9 days are up!

Pretty cool huh!? Make sure to keep coming back for all Wizard 101 cheat updates and tutorials!