Level Up Fast Cheat

So do you want to get to a high level really quick in Wizard 101? Leveling up can be very time consuming and in a game like Wizard 101, you need to be a certain level to be able to do certain things. There are a few ways that you can make leveling up much quicker and I will share them with you.

First off, completing as many quests as you possibly can is a great way to level up quickly. The quests you should stick to are the School quests and Search quests for these will give you more xp then other quests. An just going around abttleing enemies and other players does not reap high xp either.

I’m sure you already knew all that though! Now here is a way to level up quickly that you may not know about. Find yourself a friend in Wizard 101 who has a very high leveled character. If you go on quests with this friend that are much to hard for you to do on your own then you will receive an outrageous amount of xp and will level up incredibly fast! Awesome right?

I hope this helps your Wizard 101 adventures and be sure to come back for more cheats, guides and tutorials soon!