Wizard 101 Gold and Crown Cheats – 2016

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were the richest player on Wizard 101?! Well with all of the hints, guides and cheats that we have below, you will be able to save gold and crowns when buying things and even find ways to get free gold and crowns! Check them out and let me know what you think and how it worked for you!


Crown Cheats – Want to get some crowns for free! Look at our Crown Cheats page for some ideas!

Free Gold, Mana and Items Cheat – Here is a way to get some free gold as well as mana and other items!


Easy Way To Get Gold – So this is not so much a cheat but more of a hint! You know who the Harvest Lord is right? Well grab a friend of yours and battle this guy a few times. After you have battled him, make your way to the Chopping District and sell what you have gotten for beating him. You will get a bunch of gold! Hint: Your friends should be at least level 9’s or higher!


Quick Way To Get 90 Gold Coins – This is pretty easy and simple but is worth the 90 gold coins! Make your way to Lord Nightshades Tower. Battle him and every time you defeat him you will get anywhere from 30 to 90 gold pieces. Just make sure to win the battle!


Here Is A Gold Cheat Code – You first need to get to the Redeem Card or Code screen. Enter the following code for 500 free coins! (Not sure if this still works) The Code is Frog.


New Character = Lots of Gold Coins – So in order to be able to do this little cheat or secret you need to make a completely new character. When making this character though, you need to skip the Headmasters Tutorial (Ambrose). After your character is made you will make your way to his house. Once here, press your house button. After that all you need to do is pick up every single one of your house items and place them in your shared bank! The more time you do this the more gold you will get! I did it about 6 times and got around 700 gold coins.