Wizard 101 Crown Cheats

So what are Crowns in Wizard 101 and how do you get them?! Well Crowns are simply the in game currency for Wizard 101 and they do not come easy without cheats! You either buy them with real money or you refer friends and you will be awarded with them. People are always asking how to get Wizard 101 Crowns for free. Well there is no real easy answer for that. The only thing I can tell you is invite your friends to play! All of them. The more people you refer the more crowns you will get which allows you to buy different areas of the Spiral and even player housing for yourself.

There is a gold and crown generator out there that gives you as much of these two things as you want but it can and will get you banned if you use it to much or even if you get caught using it once.

Sadly besides this generator or cheat engine, there is no easy or real way to get free crowns on Wizard 101. It is just too good to be true! If you don’t mind breaking the rules a little bit then by all means download the free cheat engine and try it! You can find that on our Crown Cheat Engine page! Otherwise, just start inviting friends or finding places to get free Wizard 101 memberships.