Wizard 101 Cheats – 2016

I know that it is so much easier to follow step by step guides and cheat tutorials then it is to keep trying things within Wizard 101. Well that is why we have put together a bunch of cheats and hints for you to check out. Below you will find a list of all the cheats we have for you. Just click on the links and it will bring you to a guide of how to do whatever it is you want to do within Wizard 101. Have fun and keep coming back for we are always adding new guides for you to follow!


Invisible Cheats – Trying to become invisible within Wizard 101?! Check out all our hints and guides of how to do so.

Float In The Air Guide – Now this is awesome! Float in the air within Wizard 101. There is nothing like it.

Wizard 101 Spells 2012 – Check out our list of spells and a sick video of level 68 spells.

Make All Mounts Permanent Cheat – Make your pet mounts permanent instead of having to buy them for months at a time!

Death School and Night Side Cheat – Read this guide to find out how to get through the hidden door!

Cheaper Pets Cheat – Want to get your pets for cheap?! It’s easy. Check this step by step tutorial out.

Level Up Fast Cheat – Leveling up is fast and easy. Want to learn how!?


Looking to increase the damage of your spells? – These “codes” will help you give more damage to your enemies and even give less damage to you from enemy attacks. For these cheats to work, you need to press shift/ctrl when your enemy is making his spell symbol and press the arrow keys when your enemies spells are about to hit you. The “codes” can be found below.

Code                                                           Effect

shift or ctrl + up arrow key              = increase your damage

shift or ctrl + down arrow key        = decrease their damage

shift + ctrl + up arrow key                = use this on bosses

shift + ctrl + down arrow key          = use on yourself when attacked by enemies


Keep coming back to check out all the updates and new cheats that we have to offer! See you later.