Cheaper Pets Cheat

So far I know this works for 2 different pets! The first is the Fire Dragon and the second is the Flying Pig.

For the Fire Dragon:

Step 1: Make your way to the pet shop within Wizard 101.

Step 2: Select the Dragon as your pet.

Step 3: Turn it completely white (You may not want it white but just wait!)

Step 4: Buy the White Dragon for around 300 gold pieces.

Step 5: From here, make your way to the Dye Shop.

Step 6: Change your Dragons color to whatever you want for a very cheap price! Probably around 30-60 gold pieces.

There you go! That is the Dragon Pet Cheat.

For the Flying Pig:

Step 1: Follow the steps 1 – 4 listed above except instead of turning it white, turn it brown.

Step 2: No follow steps 5 – 6 and give your Flying Pig whatever color you want!

There you go! That is all there is to it. Let me know how it went for you and how much gold you saved! Make sure to come back often for the most recent cheats and in game hints to Wizard 101!