Wizard 101 Cheats and Secret Codes

Wizard 101 Spells 2012

Check out this Wizard 101 video showing some level 68 spells in action. These are off the hook and the video also shows how amazing this game really is does it not? This is not really a cheat but I had to post this! For other Wizard 101 cheats and step by step tutorial guides or videos check out http://cheatswizard101.com/cheats.



Here are some spells you can look forward too when hitting the higher levels within Wizard 101!


Spells learned at Level 35:

Death: Dark Pact

Ice: Legion Shield

Storm: Supercharge

Fire: Fuel

Myth: Shatter

Life: Triage

Balance: Elemental Defuse, Spirit Defuse


Spells Learned at Level 55:

Storm: Insane Bolt

Fire: Power Link

Ice: Frozen Armor

Balance: Availing Hands

Myth: Talos

Life: Brilliant Light

Death: Virulent Plague

Wizard101 Float In The Air Cheat and Guide

Would it not be sick to be able to float around while playing Wizard 101. Even if you don’t want to float around all the time it is still awesome to check out right?! The video guide below shows you exactly how to float in the air while playing Wizard 101. This is like a cheat but also more of a step by step guide. It is not hard at all and does not involve much! Enjoy the video and come back often to fine more Wizard 101 cheats and guides.


Wizard 101 Hidden Furniture Cheat Guide

So are you looking to find on all the hidden furniture within Wizard 101!? Well the video below is a step by step tutorial showing you exactly how to do this. It is not so much a cheat but more of a guide for you to follow. I know it is pretty annoying trying to find all of these hidden objects and items on your own! That is why the Wizard 101 Hidden Furniture Video below should help you out! Enjoy and let me know how it goes for you and if it worked.