Wizard 101 Cheats and Secret Codes

Wizard 101 Hidden Furniture Cheat Guide

So are you looking to find on all the hidden furniture within Wizard 101!? Well the video below is a step by step tutorial showing you exactly how to do this. It is not so much a cheat but more of a guide for you to follow. I know it is pretty annoying trying to find all of these hidden objects and items on your own! That is why the Wizard 101 Hidden Furniture Video below should help you out! Enjoy and let me know how it goes for you and if it worked.


Make All Mounts Permanent Cheat

So here is a neat little cheat of how to make any Wizard 101 mounts that you have purchased permanent! Yes, even your 1 or 7 day mounts can be turned into mounts that you can use forever. It is actually pretty simple.

First off, just make sure that you have enough gold to buy whatever mount you want regardless of if it is a 1 day or 7 day mount. Now here is the kicker. if you bought a 1 day mount, open your character selection screen and right click on your computer’s clock (yes, the one on your desktop). Now just adjust the time or date ahead by two days.

If you selected a 7 day mount then do this exact same thing except role your clock ahead 9 days. Now from your character selection screen, click on the character you were using when you choose your mount and click on “begin playing”. When you check your mounts expiration within your inventory, it should now read all o’s meaning you have it permenatly! And if you are worried about the clock on your computer you can change it back when your 2 or 9 days are up!

Pretty cool huh!? Make sure to keep coming back for all Wizard 101 cheat updates and tutorials!

Level Up Fast Cheat

So do you want to get to a high level really quick in Wizard 101? Leveling up can be very time consuming and in a game like Wizard 101, you need to be a certain level to be able to do certain things. There are a few ways that you can make leveling up much quicker and I will share them with you.

First off, completing as many quests as you possibly can is a great way to level up quickly. The quests you should stick to are the School quests and Search quests for these will give you more xp then other quests. An just going around abttleing enemies and other players does not reap high xp either.

I’m sure you already knew all that though! Now here is a way to level up quickly that you may not know about. Find yourself a friend in Wizard 101 who has a very high leveled character. If you go on quests with this friend that are much to hard for you to do on your own then you will receive an outrageous amount of xp and will level up incredibly fast! Awesome right?

I hope this helps your Wizard 101 adventures and be sure to come back for more cheats, guides and tutorials soon!

Death School or Night Side Cheat

So how do you gain access to the door between the Death School and the Night Side!? Well I suppose I can share my knowledge with you and give this information to you!

First off, there is a some what of a hidden door behind Commons Waterfall. This is the door you want and need to gain access too! To gain access you need to get a key from the Headmaster.

This will not happen until you level your character up to around level 11 or 12, around the same time you gain access to Colossus Boulevard.

So what do you need to do? Just complete quests and battle enemies to gain experience and level up. You will get to level 11 or 12 in no time and will then gain access to this hidden door!

Free Gold, Mana and Items

So are you playing Wizard 101 and looking to get some free gold, mana and in game items?! Well here is a little cheat or trick that I learned and am happy to pass it on!

Step 1: Play the arcade game within Wizard 101.

Step 2: At the end of every single level make sure that you have bombs left in your pouche.

Step 3: Immediately when time runs out on every level, tab your space bar repeatedly. Your score should increase rapidly. Such a high score will reward you with tons of gold, mana, and items!

There you go! It is as easy as that and does not take much time at all. You can use this cheat on every level of the game.

Be sure to come back often because we are always adding new Wizard 101 cheats as soon as we find them!


Cheaper Pets Cheat

So far I know this works for 2 different pets! The first is the Fire Dragon and the second is the Flying Pig.

For the Fire Dragon:

Step 1: Make your way to the pet shop within Wizard 101.

Step 2: Select the Dragon as your pet.

Step 3: Turn it completely white (You may not want it white but just wait!)

Step 4: Buy the White Dragon for around 300 gold pieces.

Step 5: From here, make your way to the Dye Shop.

Step 6: Change your Dragons color to whatever you want for a very cheap price! Probably around 30-60 gold pieces.

There you go! That is the Dragon Pet Cheat.

For the Flying Pig:

Step 1: Follow the steps 1 – 4 listed above except instead of turning it white, turn it brown.

Step 2: No follow steps 5 – 6 and give your Flying Pig whatever color you want!

There you go! That is all there is to it. Let me know how it went for you and how much gold you saved! Make sure to come back often for the most recent cheats and in game hints to Wizard 101!