Wizard 101 Cheats and Secret Codes

Free Wizard 101 Membership – 2015

Looking to win or earn a free Wizard 101 Membership? Well you have definitely come to the right place. Wizard 101 is a free to play online multiplayer adventure game but when playing for free, you are limited to the “free to play” zones. To get access to the other zones within the game, you need a membership or a prepaid game card.

Prepaid game cards can be purchased at any re-seller store including Walmart, Gamestop, and Best Buy. However, you do not need to worry about buying one because there are a few ways that you can get one for free!

Free Wizard 101 Membership

The first way is by Following me on my Social Accounts! I have been around for a long time but have never utilized Facebook and twitter! Now that I am, I am holding a free membership giveaway contest. For every 200 followers on Twitter that I get, I am giving away a prepaid Wizard 101 card. For every 200 likes that I get on Facebook, I am doing the same! When I get my YouTube account setup and start getting videos on there, I will be giving away a membership for every 200 subscribers. I will randomly pick one person when I hit these marks and contact them with a prepaid code. See below for the Social Accounts.

Now, the second way to get a free Wizard 101 membership is to earn one at freecpmemberships.com. This site has been around for quite sometime and it allows you to create an account on their site and play online games or fill out simple surveys to earn free memberships. When you play these games or do these surveys, you earn points. When you get enough points, you trade them in for prepaid codes! How great is that?

So what are you waiting for. Start connecting with me via Social Media or visit freecpmemberships.com to start earning your way towards a Wizard 101 membership!

Free Online Game Like Wizard 101

Hey all you Wizard 101 cheats fans! I have been trying out some new games online lately and I have found a game that I believe every one would like and it seems to be very much like Wizard 101. Try it out and let me know what you think after I tell you a little bit about it! Bare with me here even if you don’t think it is similar to Wizard 101. The game is called Fiesta that I am talking about. It is a free massively multiplayer online role playing game. There are a lot of similarities but also some differences. Let me try to list them out for you.  First off, the graphics are the big thing that caught my eye. They are pretty amazing and are considered “cel-shaded” graphics just like the graphics in Wizard 101. Second, Fiesta is mostly played with spells and powerful attacks that players use to destroy their enemies. There are a ton of things to do within the world of Fiesta including player vs player combat or just exploring the vast game world and completing missions while leveling your character up. I think it is a step up from Wizard 101 in the sense that its played by an older group of kids. There are a ton of character classes to choose from and you have total control of what your character looks like after choosing him/her. In my opinion if you love playing Wizard 101 then you will love Fiesta. Try it out and let me know if your thoughts are the same as mine!

Ninja Lore Game Card Pack

The Ninja Lore Game Card Pack is now available on Wizard 101 and it features brand new spells for everyone to use! This game pack is the first one that actually allows for you to gain new spells. Why has this not been available before!? This pack also allows players to the chance to get a new dragon pet, new powerful swords and weapons and even new wizardry robes.

Back to the spells that players can gain though! There are 3 of them and they are pretty awesome if I must say so myself. They are all reward spells. This means that they do not cost your Wizard any training points. This simply means that they are spells just like the ones that you have learned from your trainer. Even if you sell your spells for Training Points, these spells will stay with you! Is that not amazing?!

All three of these spells obey the rules of pips and powerpips. For instance, if you are a Balance Wizard and receive a Myth Spell, then your pips or powerpips will be used accordingly and appropriately and so on and so forth! So what are these spells called!? Well here you go. They are called the Ninja Pig Spell, the Samoorai Spell and the Goat Monk Spell. They sound interesting don;t they!? So what are you waiting for?! Go get these spells and start using them against your Wizard 101 opponents today!

For Wizard 101 hints and cheats check out our Cheats page!

Skull Riders Mini Game Cheats

So everyone knows about the Skull Riders mini game right?! Well its a mini game inside Wizard 101 that you can earn points and gold in. The game is really fun and you basically battle against evil enemies that drop skulls when you kill them. Well there is a little helpful hint or cheat for you that will get you mad points! Follow the step by step guide below to find out how to do it.

Step 1: Start the Skull Rider mini game.

Step 2: Kill all the enemies within the mini game but do not collect the skulls they drop.

Step 3: After awhile the enemies you killed will reappear but they will be flying. Kill them as well but still do not collect the skulls!


Step 4: Do this over and over again and you will rack up an insane amount of points!

I hope this helps you and gets you amazing scores for the Skull Riders mini game.

All Smiths in Wizard City Walkthrough Guide

Are you playing Wizard 101 and are looking for all of the Smiths within Wizard City?! Well I have found them all and the step by step guide below will help you find them too!

First, you need to go to Unicorn Way. Go to the Hedge Maze ( not in it) and look on the left side of the entrance. The Unicorn Smith should be right there!

Second, for the Smith within Triton Avenue you need to go past the bridge that goes past the Kraken battle arena . Just left of the T section on this path you will find the second Smith.

Third, you need to go to the Bazaar within Wizard City. There should be an old lady near the entrance. Look to the opposite side of where she is standing between a building and a rock and you should see another Smith standing there.

Last, you need to go to Ravenwood. Go right where the Death School was. Nest go to the right side of the Myth School. Look next to the park bench and the last Smith should be there!

These are all of the Smiths for non members. Of course there are more smiths for the membership players but I have not done that yet!

Wizard 101 Secret Shop

So I was wondering around within Wizard 101 and seem to have come across a secret shop! It is pretty simple to find so I will kind of give you a step by step guide of how to find it.

First you need to go to Krockotopia and make your way to their shipping area or district. This can be found close to the Oasis. When you get here, you then need to go to the very end of the shopping district and go behind the buildings here. If you are in the right place then there should be a beetle. Near this beetle there should be 2 light posts and a teleporter there.

When all of the lights are lit up, teleport to the top of the building. You will find a lizard there. Make sure to talk to him and you will learn new spells that allow you to take life from minions within Wizard 101. If you go inside from here, there is another lizard there. He can sell you rare pets. Buy them if you want otherwise now head to the Krockoshpinx and there is yet another lizard in which you can buy a hell hound from!

Pretty awesome huh?! This secret shop lets you get rare items that almost no one else has!


Invisibility Cheat For Wizard 101

So there are a few cheats that allow you to become invisable in Wizard 101 and here is the first way to do so! Remember that being invisible within this game usually only lasts for a little while and is never permanent! So check out this invisibility cheat for wizard 101.

The Step by Step Guide.

1. You need to first click on a friend of yours.

2. Next you need to click on “go to location”.

3. Click yes and then trade really fast.

4. Then you need to click cancel!

Check out me being invisible!

5. Boom! You should now be invisible. Sometimes you do turn into your pet rather than turning invisible but I think that is just as awesome! If you port somewhere or get into a battle the invisibility or being your pet will ware off a bit faster! Just a little hint for you.

Be sure to check back often as we are constantly updating the site with all the popular cheats and secrets for wizard 101 and they become available.  Stay tuned for more guides and tutorials.

Wizard 101 Crown Cheats

So what are Crowns in Wizard 101 and how do you get them?! Well Crowns are simply the in game currency for Wizard 101 and they do not come easy without cheats! You either buy them with real money or you refer friends and you will be awarded with them. People are always asking how to get Wizard 101 Crowns for free. Well there is no real easy answer for that. The only thing I can tell you is invite your friends to play! All of them. The more people you refer the more crowns you will get which allows you to buy different areas of the Spiral and even player housing for yourself.

There is a gold and crown generator out there that gives you as much of these two things as you want but it can and will get you banned if you use it to much or even if you get caught using it once.

Sadly besides this generator or cheat engine, there is no easy or real way to get free crowns on Wizard 101. It is just too good to be true! If you don’t mind breaking the rules a little bit then by all means download the free cheat engine and try it! You can find that on our Crown Cheat Engine page! Otherwise, just start inviting friends or finding places to get free Wizard 101 memberships.

Wizard 101 Spells 2012

Check out this Wizard 101 video showing some level 68 spells in action. These are off the hook and the video also shows how amazing this game really is does it not? This is not really a cheat but I had to post this! For other Wizard 101 cheats and step by step tutorial guides or videos check out http://cheatswizard101.com/cheats.



Here are some spells you can look forward too when hitting the higher levels within Wizard 101!


Spells learned at Level 35:

Death: Dark Pact

Ice: Legion Shield

Storm: Supercharge

Fire: Fuel

Myth: Shatter

Life: Triage

Balance: Elemental Defuse, Spirit Defuse


Spells Learned at Level 55:

Storm: Insane Bolt

Fire: Power Link

Ice: Frozen Armor

Balance: Availing Hands

Myth: Talos

Life: Brilliant Light

Death: Virulent Plague

Wizard101 Float In The Air Cheat and Guide

Would it not be sick to be able to float around while playing Wizard 101. Even if you don’t want to float around all the time it is still awesome to check out right?! The video guide below shows you exactly how to float in the air while playing Wizard 101. This is like a cheat but also more of a step by step guide. It is not hard at all and does not involve much! Enjoy the video and come back often to fine more Wizard 101 cheats and guides.